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One of our experiences in implementing solutions and services in our capacity as consultants is that the work doesn’t end with implementation. Continuous operation and disciplined administration and maintenance are required, just as when looking after a garden, park or estate.

Like horticulturalists, we take care of the specialised areas of your IT landscape, relieving the internal resources and ensuring expert support to for the ever-increasing complexity of technology, increasingly rapid pace of innovation and increasing cost pressures for IT departments.

We deliver transparent insights into your landscape and ensure that all your tools are in good working order, so you don’t lose overview of your SAP ‘park’ and can ensure healthy extensions and modifications.

We safeguard administrative and proactive tasks which do not have a direct impact on the core business process but which are essential to the landscape stability for the long-term integrity for high-performance operation of your SAP systems.

We deliver routine tasks, monitor proactively with SAP Solution Manager infrastructure and inform you about any actions that are required. We provide exactly the service you need - individual, and tailored to your needs.

  • SolMan Housekeeping
  • Update / Upgrade Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring & Optimization
  • SolMan Reporting (EWA, SLR, BEX, configuration validation, configuration changes)
  • SolMan Security & Compliance
  • Continuous Service Optimisation
  • Cloud Service


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