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Sector: Retail (Germany)

By implementing SAP and changing the IT outsourcing provider we realigned the organisational and service processes. The entire SAP service and support infrastructure was designed afresh with the IT Management Platform SAP Solution Manager. This included designing the infrastructure, defining how SAP Solution Manager functions would be used in the future and aligning the requirements in the context of the main SAP implementation and support.

Principal elements were as follows:

  • central SLD infrastructure
  • automatic landscaping discovery
  • aligning existing ITSM and change management processes with the SAP implementation project and ensuring continuity in service operation
  • multi-directional development for exchanging SAP Solution Manager support messages between two independent IT organisations
  • design of monitoring strategies, including the introduction of event management

Sector: Public service administration (Switzerland)

Design and implementation of a cross-organisational monitoring strategy with SAP Solution Manager for SAP and non-SAP systems. We developed decisive operational control processes and aligned these with existing service procedures. We delivered support to the internal support team throughout the rollout of the entire technical SAP infrastructure, service optimisation and operation of the SAP monitoring landscape. The following functional areas were included:

  • E2E monitoring
  • end user experience monitoring
  • integration and interface monitoring for process orchestration (PO) 7.40
  • application monitoring for SAP business objects (BO) 4.0
  • root cause analysis
  • establishment and definition of a configuration change database (CCDB)
  • strategic advice for design and implementation change management and incident management
  • event management
  • designing security monitoring and reporting in accordance co-operate compliance policies

Sector: Logistics (Germany)

Four customer, an international logistics business, required efficient IT service management to ensure the success of mission-critical SAP rollout projects, as well as continuous service operation and optimisation of the SAP and non-SAP world. To fulfil these requirements, we enhanced the SAP Solution Manager System with SAP application management solutions – but we needed to do more before we found the right solution. We still needed to define and put into practice platform stabilisation, processes and procedures for the operation of a wide range of services. We took responsibility for:

  • design and concept for service delivery readiness
  • stabilisation SAP Solution Manager infrastructure
  • alignment, optimisation and enhancement of service functions
  • IT service management
  • test management
  • change request management
  • IT operation

Sector: Potash (Germany)

Our client, a leading potash producer, carried out a cross-organisational harmonisation project to leverage the full potential of its SAP landscape. We planned and executed the separation of ABAP and Java system instances in a three-tiered system architecture to increase performance and stability. To reduce overheads, we migrated the database and operating system to a more cost-efficient vendor, and we were responsible for the technical design, preparation and development of necessary procedures in the following core areas:

  • implementation of the technical migration DB2 and LINUX
  • administration and troubleshooting
  • performance analysis in SCM, BW and ERP
  • interface adapters in the process integration platform 7:31
  • Structuring of SAP Solution Manager root cause analysis

Sector: Retail (Germany)

We currently handle ongoing maintenance and administration of the SAP Solution Manager infrastructure for an international fashion retailer. This involves the continuous optimisation and administration of the infrastructure components as well as the periodic classification of collected data providers such as early watch alerts, monitoring alerting infrastructure, and alerts and services. In addition, we perform the following tasks:

  • integration of new components in co-operation with hosting providers
  • solution tool plugin maintenance
  • de-commissioning of end of lifecycle components
  • SLD administration service preparations for AGS
  • BW housekeeping


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